Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Apple Tastic

Someone deserves a big pat on the back and's me.  I accomplished my DIY goal for March.  I've loved the look of the above golden apple candle for some time now but spending $150 on this was never something I could justify.  So, imagine my surprise when I saw these little beauties at an estate sale for $2.50 (they came in a pair).  Plus the look on my sister's face when I got excited and picked them up was priceless.

Now, for the DIY'ing magic.  These had about 10 years of different colors of candles melted in them, so I put the oven on 200 and turned them upside down on a cookie sheet covered with foil. After about 10 minutes all the wax just melted away.  I then purchased 2 cans of spray paint in metallic gold and gloss white.  Then my husband had some vinyl electrical tape which I used to put around the lip of the where the lid fits so I wouldn't get to many layers of paint there to prevent the lid from sitting flush.
I wanted some difference in color, so I painted 1 gold outside with a white inside and vice a versa.  It took a couple hours to get about 3-4 coats on evenly.  Now, I realize it is not AS cool as the inspiration but it cost a total of $12.50 for 2 and still looks pretty chic.

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Rachel said...

I love this. Simple and easy and pretty.