Friday, August 23, 2013

The Walden Quilt Series

Have you guys ever looked at one of those Kickstarter websites where people try to raise money to start their own small business?  Now, as a girl who has done this the hard way, I have mixed emotions about people asking for start up capital in this manner.

 However, that being said I ran across The Walden Quilt Series and it changed my view a bit.  This is a program where they are offering good value for your donation.  These quilts are amazing and it is a chance to get a fantastic family heirloom at a massive discount. I feel that when this company takes off these quilts with snippets of famous literature quotations quilted right into the fabric will become part of high end designer websites and product lines.  This is one that I think is a receive a great product and help launch a company that deserves to be seen.  Check it out here.

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