Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nova Scotia Part I

Got back a couple of days ago from a truly awesome vacation.  We visited the hubby's mom in his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  There were so many great places we visited but I wanted to give you a few highlights.  If your map doesn't have a red pin on Nova really should.

It looks like this is a photo you would take at a touristy type stop.  This photo op is around every corner, this is in the Peggy's Cove vicinity.  In this area you should stop by Amos Pewter where I scored the cutest starfish necklace for just $25.  Also, not to be missed is DeeDee's ice cream.  I'm normally a chocolate kinda gal but the berry berry was a 10.

I found this photo op just around the bend from Peggy's Cove by the most adorable little shack housed with great watercolor paintings for sale.  We also stopped by Shaw's Landing for some delicious fish and chips with a peaceful outdoor deck and a unbelievable view.

That night for dinner we started with charcuterie from Ratinaud's and cheese from Fox Hill.  I  have eaten quite ALOT of charcuterie throughout the world and the duck and rabbit rillettes were the best I have ever had.  A little out of the way but definitely worth it.  Even better stop on your way out of town and grab some for a beach picnic at Lawrencetown Beach.  While rocky it is truly magnificent and great for watching surfers.

We visited about 5 beaches and I would say my favorite was Clam Harbor along the Eastern Shore.  It is about 30 minutes from town but it was the only water we could find that was warm enough to actually get in.  There were also about 20 people there which is such a change from a NY beach that I spent most of the time with my mouth agape.  Another don't miss is spending a lazy Sunday at the Lower Deck watching Paul Lamb while sipping my new favorite cider Foundry. Two thumbs down for it not being available in the States yet.

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Sounds like a wonderful trip!