Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick and Easy Noodle Dish

Last week the temperature was in the 90's everyday and I found myself struggling with what to make for dinner.  When it is so hot out you don't feel like eating anything heavy or complicated.  AND there are only so many salads a gal can eat.  Then I had an idea...this is a recipe I use for my lunches at Hip Hostess as a side dish and I always get a lot of rave reviews.  Because you run cold water over the noodles once boiled to stop the cooking process it becomes a cold noodle dish.  I also like to put the sauce ingredients together about an hour before and store them in the fridge which also helps the noodles be at exactly the right temp. Because we were eating it as a main, I added some shredded chicken.  You will probably have to buy the ingredients since they are not something most people have hanging around the cabinet but they will make about 4 batches of the noodles and believe me after you taste this it will go into the dinner rotation.  Then all you need is chopsticks.

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