Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am constantly on the search for things that inspire me.  I like to add little touches around the home that remind me of great vacations, fond memories, cool finds or articles that promise fun times to come.  Here are a few items I have around the home.  I would love to know what you keep around that inspires you?

1. These are memento's of vacations past.  A small Robert Sinsky piece from our Napa vacation,  a colorful bird from the latest Mexico getaway (my ring fits on his beak while I type) and a great piece from Graham and Company from our  Fourth of July relaxation trip.

2. I've been into flea markets this summer and here is my favorite bowl that inspires me to want to go every weekend.  

3. This is a totally cool postcard I picked up in Red Hook Brooklyn which shows the brewery's and wineries in the area.  This is the upcoming plan for one weekend in August.

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