Monday, January 7, 2013

Food Predictions for 2013

That's's time for my annual food predictions post  for the coming year.  Believe it or not, I get very excited for this.  Without further adieu here is the predictions from many different sources for the hot trends in food for 2013.

1. Popcorn-Expect funky and gourmet versions to pop up everywhere.
2. Tea-Taking over as the new coffee of 2013.  Expect to see fun flavors and lots of varieties.
3. Cured Meats
4. Gochujang-A korean hot sauce that is suppose to take over as the new sriracha.
5. Chicken-The prices of beef, lamb and pork are suppose to increase which will lead to more creativity with poultry.
6. Vegetables-Served raw instead of the normal sauteed and roasted.
7. Barrel Aged Hot Sauce
8. Chef Collaborations
9. Non-alcoholic drinks-Seems America is reaching new heights for teetotalers but they still want to choose from an array of beverages.
10.Artisanal Bread-Expect to see anything and everything baked into your bread in the coming year.
11.Fermentation-Think sauerkraut and kimchi.
12.Vegetables as Main Courses
13. Smoke-Expect everything to be smoked...even water.

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