Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What to bring?

Easter is this weekend and it got me thinking about the last holiday we celebrated. You know me I celebrate anything and everything…but I am talking about the normal person.

This past Christmas I spent a lot of time muttering under my breath in the kitchen things that were not so nice. The reason I had such a “bee in my bonnet” was the fact that a few of my family members at this gathering showed up late and empty handed. The tradition at my family gatherings is that everyone brings a dish and the host makes the main course, this is how it has been for YEARS. Now sometimes people ask the host, “What can I bring and they say…just yourself.” This is acceptable and usually means the host has a very specific plan in place and in that case you just bring a hostess /host gift as a thank you.

This was not the case here, as a matter of fact the question of what to bring was never posed. This act of disregard gets my riled up. It says to me that their time is more valuable than everyone else’s or they are somehow superior and should be served. If I were to have tried to assign them a dish I’m sure I would have gotten a poor me answer like they don’t have any money.

Here is my solution: Deviled Eggs.

They cost a buck fifty and are easy to prepare and a nice addition to any dinner. So please people don’t show up empty handed, at least, boil some damn eggs :)

photo courtesy of FOODjimoto

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