Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Magic!!

Party Details.

Last week Hip Hostess had a call from one of our corporate clients to create a cocktail party with a magic theme. They would provide the actual magician...we just needed to drive the theme home.

But with corporate events it is all about balance. This can't look like a kids birthday party with too many cutesy details...a little kitsch goes a long way. So here are the ways that we brought the magic to cocktail hour.

Every party needs some form of crudite. For our party, we served individual portions in mini magic hats. Each hat contained a plastic ramekin filled with dip and assorted veggies.

To add height on our buffet spread, we wanted to fill vases with an iconic magic flower...the red rose. To drive the theme even further, we covered our vases with special black and silver playing cards that we found at a local magic shop.

I find dessert to be magical no matter what, but these are especially magical. We Harry Pottered some pretzel rods with milk and white chocolate to create magic wands at the bar.

And so that every guest would have a take-away that reminds them of the party, we wrapped candy bars in custom labels so they would look like a deck of cards.

Magical, yes?


Chrystina said...

You guys did a great job with this!! I love the little magic hats and the use of the red rose. Looks great!! Magic themed cocktail party... I love it.

Unknown said...

Looks great. Where did you get the magic hats?