Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Valentine's Printables

Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to slow down and just appreciate things. That’s why I like Valentine’s Day because it reminds you to do just that. Some people feel it is a greeting card and chocolate company holiday. But I think every once in awhile a special date on the calendar is just what we need to remind us to be grateful for the ones we love.

That being said, last year was a great Valentine’s day. The hubby and I made a romantic dinner of surf and turf together and then talked for hours over a fantastic bottle of wine. I will admit that the surf and turf and wine came together as I flew around Brooklyn a little panicked.

This year I am going to be fully prepared and enjoy the whole day instead of just the evening. That’s why I thought it was perfect when I ran across Kiki’s creations printable cards. They are adorable and with the series of 8, I’m going to hide them around the apartment to surprise my husband in the morning.


Amanda said...

So cute! I'm all for a day of love rather than just one evening. Thanks for sharing these.

We've got a special lil' something to share with one lucky reader - a perfect valentine for any girl.

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