Monday, August 1, 2011

No Chip Mani


I don't know about you gals out there, but I am pretty tough on my nails. So when I get a manicure, I tend to go with neutral colors that don't make a scene when they start chipping 2 days later.

But last month I had two weddings on consecutive weekends in two different states. I definitely wasn't going to have time to go to the nail salon in between. What's a girl to do? The no chip manicure...that's what.

photo courtesy of delodylady

Yes ladies, the OPI Axxium gel nail polish is so flippin awesome that I went a full 2 weeks without a chip AND the top coat remained shiny and gorgeous. Which meant that I could get a fun cha-cha color without fear.

The only drawback (if you can even call it that) is that you have to have it taken off at the salon. Or if you have patience, you can remove the polish at home like this.

And I forgot to mention another fabulous point of the Axxium product. When they apply the top coat and it cures under the uv lamp for .2 seconds (not really...but pretty close) it is completely dry. So dry that they buffed my nails with a cloth and oil right after.


Ladies, the no-chip mani is totally worth the little splurge for the right occasion.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the handy tip! I've been wondering if it was actually worth the extra $$ but now I'll have to give it a try. Yeah for pretty digits!

Mel said...

I love it. I've had it done multiple times