Monday, July 11, 2011

Waialua Soda

Recently I was doing a little perusing at World Market and spotted Waialua soda on the shelves. I instantly loved the packaging and decided to investigate a little further.

Waialua Soda is all about homegrown Hawaii ingredients. The contents are handmade and hand-bottled by Jason and Karen Campbell from their artisanal soda shop in a former plantation village on Waialua’s North Shore. They offer Big Island Vanilla, Kauai honey in vanilla cream soda and island grown fruits are regularly infused into sodas for different tropical flare.

I think these are the perfect addition to any future outdoor event. Sipping from these tropical bottles poolside with or without adult additives is sure kick up the fun factor.

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Alexandra said...

I always get won over so quickly with pretty bottles when it comes to buying drinks... A good design sometimes lets me shell out twice as much... stupid I know but I can't help it.... I'm a sucker for great designs...