Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bastille Day July 14th

Bastille Day is France’s Independence day and is celebrated on July 14th. The soiree includes parades, fireworks and feasts with friends. Truthfully, I just look at it as an excuse to make mussels and frites and drink a little French white wine. If you want to partake in the feasting check out this fantastic mussels recipe. If you are not a fan of mussels then steak frites is equally French, festive and delicious.


rooth said...

Mussels are my favourite 2011 food. I'm too nervous to make them myself though - have you tried making them before?

Hip Hostess said...

Rooth-I was also a little leary in the beginning as well. Mussels always have a tag with the harvest date on them to help you gage freshness. It is unbelievably easy and really affordable. Good luck and let us know how it goes:)