Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bling Basics

Jewelry Care.

Recently, I had a diamond fall out of my shared prong wedding band...and unfortunately I wasn't able to recover the diamond. Uck! What did I do wrong?

For those of you that have wedding bands or engagement rings with diamond surrounds, maintenance is the key to avoiding my mini disaster. Since we spend so much time on computers and doing work with our hands, our rings slowly distort "off-round". This loosens the settings and allows for stones to fall out. A simple and inexpensive yearly cleaning and tune-up from your jeweler to check the setting is all that you should do...and don't put it off!

And if you have a plain band, I still would highly recommend a professional cleaning once a year. I have been diligent about cleaning my ring own my own. But when they gave it back to me after a professional clean, it was like I was receiving a brand new ring. So lovely...


Kitty Deschanel said...

Oh no!! You know, when I first got my ring, the plan was to get it checked out every 6 months. To date, we have NEVER had it looked at! Maybe we should :)

S├ęcia Mischke said...

My rings are insured through the jeweler but ONLY if I get them inspected on a regular basis. Funny you posted this because it's been almost a year and half since my last inspection and I just took them in last week. Thank God I didn't lose any diamonds in-between. Sorry about your missing diamond! :(

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yikes. One of my pave diamonds fell out of my engagement ring and since it was covered they replaced it without any problems. If it was the center stone I think I would have freaked! :)

I try to get mine cleaned and inspected every couple months. I'm a weirdo like that though :)