Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fancy Baked Potato


As I have mentioned before, I am a girl with a Midwest upbringing and a healthy love for meat and potatoes. When having a get together with friends and family, I always try to serve the perfect partnership of steak and potato. But let’s face it, I care as much about the food as the presentation on the plate and a brown lumpy baked potato is hard to work with.

That’s why I was excited to read about the Swedish potato called the Hasselback on Chicho’s Kitchen. It has all the same qualities of a baked potato plus presentation. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside plus pleasing to the eye, makes me almost weepy!


Unknown said...

Ahhhh, this looks so lovely! Thank you very much for sharing!


Abby said...

HAVE to try this

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

This looks delicious and YES, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

This looks neat! I'm all for food so I'll be trying this!

Yhe Cristy said...

Found you via Pinterest. This has become a weekly meal in our house. thanks for the recipe.