Saturday, November 20, 2010

Make them melt

Food DIY.

My Thanksgiving celebration doesn’t include a lot of kids, but if it did I would be sure to set up a fun project to keep them occupied and intrigued for a couple of hours. I think the DIY hot cocoa dippers in this month’s Good Housekeeping, has all the makings of a great activity.

Set up a card table with brown paper, a fondue pot or bowl of chocolate from the microwave and some wax paper. You will need drinking straws, large marshmallows and red nonpareil sprinkles. Skewer the marshmallows with the straws, dip the marshmallows in the chocolate leaving the tops exposed. Be sure to lift the straws straight up to let the additional chocolate drip off. Cool briefly on wax paper, but dip marshmallow bottoms into sprinkles while chocolate is still slightly soft.

If you have a variety of age groups at your gathering this is a great way to get the older kids and younger kids mingling. Designate the older kids to supervise the project and then everyone has great hot cocoa dippers for dessert or a take home gift to celebrate the holiday season.


Heidi Luv said...

Those are adorable! Where did you get the straws?

Anonymous said...

These are a great idea. Very cute! I love how there are so many ways you could alter these for any occasion! Thanks for the sweet treat!