Friday, June 4, 2010

Weck Jars

Multi-use containers.

I think that some utilitarian objects are just as beautiful as they are useful. One such item is Weck canning jars.

These guys are fantastic for canning, for sure. But can't you also see them as great containers for spices, pastas, beans, etc in your pantry? I'd also love to take a huge cluster of these (sans lid) and place a votives inside for an illuminating centerpiece. How about as a vase or even a make-shift pitcher for juice or lemonade? The possibilities are endless since they come in so many great shapes and sizes. Love them!


coolkids said...

Thanks sharing. I have always used ball jars. Interesting that Weck are made not far from me!

Jenny said...

I love them! I once got bath powder in a really small one that I kept, and now I store rings in it. But they'd be so pretty with tealights or as vases!