Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Cats Heart ModKat

Pet Product.

Though litter boxes aren't necessarily a topic you would equate to entertaining, few things could put a damper on a party faster than an ugly litter box for all of your guests to behold. That was exactly the problem that I recently faced with our new pad.

Without a good enclosed option that would totally hide a litter box, I had to find a solution that wouldn't completely offend the eye and scream "this is where my cats do their business." So I was pretty excited to find the ModKat.

If you are thinking of converting to the ModKat, I have a few helpful hints:

1. Fill the box with new litter, but add a scoop or two of litter from the old box to help them adjust.

2. Put the box in the same location as the previous box.

3. Leave the lid off for a day or two to help them adjust to entering from the top.

AND...if you happen to be in the Chicago area and want to see the ModKat in person, I would go to Barker and Meowsky (you might call ahead to see if they have them in stock). Their owner has used this box for her cats and offers lots of great tips and help...and they have a million other adorable pet supplies that you'll want to buy as well.


Allie Kelley said...

Nice design, but Please let us know when the price drops below $100.

Hip Hostess said...

Believe me...if we could keep our litter box hidden completely out of sight, we probably wouldn't want to spend as much either. But for use out in the open, it is much less offensive to the eye than the standard pan!!

Inessa said...

OMG we have two cats and we have tried the Litter Kwitter which did not work. The we considers getting the Cat Genie but decided to forgo the idea after reading reviews on it. I think this is the best idea yet for indoor cats. Thank you for sharing.