Monday, May 3, 2010

Bundt Cake Beauty

Mother's Day Idea.

Do you have a mother who is hard to buy for? Join the club. My mother lives in a different state but if she were nearby I would definitely put together a brunch with this cake as the focal point. This is Martha’s idea and albeit a good one she makes it seem like something you could throw together in an hour. I believe this cake would take some pre-planning but would be well worth the extra work.

Bake the cake ahead of time so that you have time to find the perfect vessel for the middle to hold the flowers. Freeze the cake and take it out the morning you are going to serve, I believe the freezing process actually adds to the moistness of the cake. After you have found the perfect fitting vessel it is a good idea to put in a call to your local florist a couple days ahead of time. The flowers should be non-toxic and may be special order. The flowers in the photo are muscari, brodiaea and bupleurum.

With your plan in place you will have a beautiful centerpiece and a stress free day to be able to kick back and spend the day with your mom.

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LaFlacaD said...

is it horrible that all I can think about when I saw this was my big fat greek wedding. LOL