Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Onesies

Baby Gifts.
For baby showers, I always buy at least one practical thing from the registry (and it's usually something that I have no earthly idea how it works because apparently I was raised in the dark ages of baby contraptions). But I always add a fun little onesie to the mix too. So in another installment of baby gifts that don't confuse Amber, I bring you two of my new favorite lines of onesies.

These organic cotton onesies just make me smile. I love the simple yet bold fruit graphics and the cute and appropriate little phrases that accompany it. And the fact that Urban Tots packages these organic bundles of joy in berry baskets sends me over the edge in love.

Speaking of love, any company that's motto is "raise funny people" is alright with me. There are so many clever ideas on this site that I had a really difficult time deciding which to share. One of my faves is Mysterio predicts, which is a little tee packaged in a coordinating bag that predicts your child's hilarious destiny. A close second is the "I'm not a boy" onesie, because strapping those tight headbands on your baby girl because she wasn't born with flowing locks is painful. And the Super Suit onesie with attached cape is just plain awesome.

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