Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DIY Chocolate Cups


When I saw the below dessert on Bell’alimento, I instantly fell in love with the elegant sculptural look. I decided to keep reading and find out where to purchase these lovely little bowls. Imagine my surprise when I found out it is as easy as purchasing a balloon and melting some chocolate. No really!

All you need is some good quality semi-sweet chocolate which you melt either in a double boiler or in the microwave. LET IT COOL. They warn that this step is not to be taken lightly. You must have the chocolate cool to touch or it won’t be pretty. .Then dip the bottom of your balloon in the chocolate, as high as you’d like your cups to be. Let harden and then poke the balloon just enough to let the air out slowly. Check out their website for a complete step-by-step.


Paula - bell'alimento said...

Thanks so much for posting the link! It's really a fun recipe!

Anonymous said...

this could just be the coolest idea ever - thanks for posting! i might be using this for my bridesmaid brunch! :)

hanly said...

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Beth stephan said...

Like stated....LET it COOL! I tried this several years back, 30 minutes before company walked in the door. The chocolate was not cool enough and the balloons popped, splashing chocolate all over the kitchen cabinets, ceiling, my hair, my outfit. Every now and then, I still find specks of chocolate....over 5 years later!!!!