Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eggnog Flavored Booze

Holiday-Friendly Liquor.

If you recently saw a dark haired girl, doing a happy dance, in the middle of a NYC liquor store…that was me. You see, I love Egg Nog, but am not a particular fan of making it from scratch and the pre-made drinks at the store contain my daily intake of calories in one glass. When I saw RumChata on the shelf, my first thought was how many of these can I carry. Then I thought, I should pick up some more Advil for the next morning.

RumChata didn’t disappoint. It is smooth, rich and clean-tasting, flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and rice. It kind of tastes a little like cinnamon rice pudding. It is actually made to taste like the Mexican beverage Horchata. You can use it as an after-dinner cordial or mix it with espresso vodka. Some other thoughts are hot chocolate, coffee and maybe even ice cream.

Any way you slice it, this rum based drink has made me very merry.


Brittany - Try It On Me said...

I love Egg Nog too, and 100% agree. This seems like a wonderful alternative, I hope they have it in Chicago! XO

Elyse {Pretty. Happy. Busy.} said...

I am also SO EXCITED about this discovery! I LOVE eggnog, but it never turns out as delicious as I hope it will... Also, what a merry house warming gift to bring instead of another bottle of wine! Thank you, thank you! -elyse