Saturday, April 10, 2010

National Holiday

Fun Fact.

I decided I should get my normal errands done a few days early this week. I’m afraid the banks, grocery stores and department stores will be closed on Monday for National Licorice Day. Yes, that’s right a day devoted to everything licorice. I don’t know who made an official day just for licorice…but I think I love them.

Licorice dates back to the early times of man. Many pharaohs and prophets were recorded enjoying licorice as well as soldiers who used licorice to quench their thirsts on long marches. Licorice comes from a plant called Glycyrrhiza meaning ‘sweet root’ in Greek. During the middle ages, crusaders brought licorice to England where they began producing candy where it made its way to America with the early settlers.

This is a great little fun fact that you can use to brighten people’s day. It’s easy to slip a packet of Twizzlers into your child’s or significant other’s bag lunch. Licorice assortments not only taste delicious but look beautiful as well. Your co-workers would appreciate a handful to celebrate the day as they cruise past your desk. It is such an easy way to add a little knowledge an excitement to a regular Monday!