Saturday, April 24, 2010

Invitation Box

Recently a lot of people have been asking. “How do I start the party planning process?” In my experience the easiest thing to do is to find one thing that you love. It could be a color, flower, antique, pattern…really anything. If you have a focus point then it becomes a natural starting point and things start falling into place. This also helps you avoid the trap of buying a little here and there and then ending up with way to much stuff that doesn’t really present a cohesive theme.

If you have been doing a little brainstorming and that one item seems to be escaping you, then start perusing some invitations. Invitations are a great source of inspiration.

I recently opened the mailbox to find a package from that contained a colorful array of cards for all different occasions. If you have a party in your near future, this could be a great place to start!

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