Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deep Dish Chocolate Chips with Caramel Filling

Sometimes this time of year can be stressful.  There is ALOT going on.  I've talked to a few people this week and the word that keeps coming up is overwhelmed.  They are not sure where the time to get everything done is going to come from and not sure what to make or what to bring?

If you  are feeling this way, my advice would be to fall back on an old classic.  Everyone loves chocolate chip cookes!  As a matter of fact, I send out many dessert baskets at hip hostess and no matter what fancy desserts are included the chocolate chip are always the first to disappear.  They are quick and easy and no one will be disappointed.  They don't need to be done the day of to still be delicious and if you are going to multiple Thanksgivings they will pack and travel well.

If you do want to kick it up just one notch (not that you need to), how about these cookies with caramel baked right inside.

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