Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fast and Delicious Dinner

Normally I am a menu plan kinda gal.  This is mainly due to the fact that my brain is normally way past functioning by the end of the day and the thought of having to come up with an idea for dinner makes me cringe.  However, the last couple of weeks have been a little out of control there hasn't been one spare minute to shop.  That being said I did a 5 minute fly through Trader Joe's on Friday because the thought of another takeout meal propelled me through like jet fuel.  And lo and behold, I came out of there with a tasty treat that I made in less than 10 minutes and it tasted really delicious.  You have to grab this the next time you are TJ's.  It's quick, easy, healthy and tastes like restaurant quality Japanese.

First grab some Bool Kogi (it's by the steaks...not in the freezer section)

Some Japanese fried rice with edamame and tofu.

I sauteed a few sugar snap peas in sesame oil and a little soy sauce and then cooked the rest of the items according to the package.  Threw them all together and voila.

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