Thursday, September 12, 2013

Restaurant Visits

Anyone who has been reading hip hostess for any amount of time knows that I will take any little thing and build an event around it.  A new movie or tv show is all it takes for me to create a menu and cocktail that goes along with the destination, story or even mood.  That being said, I also like to pick points of interests in areas and then build a weekend trip or day trip to that area.  I love researching the area and looking into the museums, music venues and of course the local food markets and the must try's.

Lately, a few restaurants have been getting some accolades for their spectacular and stunning interiors. Many of these are pretty close to the NY area, so I'm going to start my fall planning now.  I thought I would share a few with you in case you wanted to join in the fun.

NYC UWS-Corvo Bianco

Philadelphia-Talula's Garden (said to feel like you are dining at a country mansion inside the city)

Boston-Oak LONG bar and kitchen (I would start here for a pre dinner cocktail at one of those cozy barstools)

Washington DC-Mini Bar (this is number one on my list right now.  I love the idea of being so close to the culinary magic)

Nashville-The CatBird (this one I would need to fly to get to but if airfare was the right price it would totally be worth it)

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