Thursday, June 2, 2011

Handy Little Box

I saw this box on Etsy and thought I would share. I love the fact that it is simple yet still stylish. It’s $10.00 for the set of 12 which includes the box, parchment and baker’s twine. If you are responsible for bringing a dessert to any type of outdoor fun, this would be the perfect packaging.

You could use a slice of pie, cake or strudel. The best part is that once you set down your dessert you never have to worry about it again. You don’t have to track down your plate or cake knife (which always disappear) or worry about being available to slice. Best of all it is covered so you don’t have to worry about flies in your frosting. Everyone can easily help themselves and then everything is recyclable when finished.

My suggestion is to put an order in now so you’ll have them on hand to grab and go for your next outdoor event.

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