Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Tip on Tips

Good Idea.

It's time to give some much-deserved respect to Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin gets mentioned in all of those rap songs because he's on the $100 bill. But good ole Thom's paper is worth much more than $2 if used correctly.

A good friend of mine and my husband, Mr. Kovalcin, shared a little tidbit with us that I think is just genius. The next time you are at a crowded/popular bar or club and believe that you will be spending the majority of your time waiting for the bartender to notice you to take your drink order, try utilizing the $2 bill.

For your first round of drinks, tip the bartender using $2 bills. It always gets noticed, draws a comment, and makes them remember you. The rest of the night, your chances of being served before the other masses crowding the bar is significantly greater.

And seeing as how time is money...and you'll be saving all of that time just waiting at the bar...Thom's $2 bill is worth a lot more than 2 bucks to me.

Genius, Mr. Kovalcin. Just genius.


Anonymous said...

We do this when we travel to the Caribbean/Mexico as well. Once the staff realizes the bills aren't fake, the service is always a click or two above the standard!!

Katy Mary said...

What an interesting idea! I'm pretty sure I have some of these laying around too!

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...