Saturday, March 20, 2010

Special Night

Date Night.

As I shuffled my husband out the door this morning with 25 lbs. of leftover fruit salad from a Hip Hostess event, I am reminded of how great he is. He didn’t even complain once about my obsession to not let any food go to waste or the fact that he had to lug the extra weight on the subway and across town to his office.

I am the planner in the relationship, so naturally our activities tend to lean towards my tastes. That’s not to say that if he mentions something he would like to do I don’t jump at it. But frankly that doesn’t happen to often.

When I saw an advertisement for the 25th year anniversary for Pale Rider, I suddenly had an idea. I would plan a night dedicated to all my husband’s favorites. I ran to Blockbuster to pick up Pale Rider, my husband loves old Western’s which is not my favorite thing, so of course they don’t make it on the queue very often. Picked up a couple of filet’s mignon, the man loves his red meat and a nice bottle of his favorite red.

I can’t wait till my husband comes home, he will be so excited. I would love to hear about the special G-rated ways in which you show appreciation for your partner.

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