Monday, February 1, 2010

Merry Mardi Gras

Drink Recipes.

So you were good all January to make up for overindulgences during the holidays. Now it's February and it's time to let loose and blow off some steam. And there is no better excuse for fun in February than Mardi Gras...I mean when else is a Tuesday the highlight of the week?

Mardi Gras is on February 16th year, and we want to be totally prepared. This year we're going to mix things up a bit and try something different than the standard hurricane drink. Colleen Mullaney, author of It's 5 o'clock somewhere, has shared some of her fave New Orlean's style cocktails with us. I think these are just what we needed to get our night going!!

Whiskey Smash
Serves 4

8 oz./237ml Jim Beam bourbon
4 mint leaves
Half a lemon, quartered
1 oz./30ml simple syrup
Sprig of mint

Combine all ingredients except bourbon in a large glass. Using a wooden spoon, smash the ingredients together. Add whiskey and transfer to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously, strain into glasses filled with crushed ice and garnish each with a sprig of mint.


Serves 4

8 oz./237ml Finlandia Mango Vodka
8 oz./237ml mango nectar
8 lime wedges, plus 4 more for garnish
12 fresh mint leaves, plus extra for garnish

Muddle the mint and the lime wedges in a cocktail shaker. Add the mango nectar and vodka and allow a few minutes for the flavors to marry. Put 4 ice cubes in each glass. Strain mixture into glasses. Top with soda, garnish with mint and lime wedges and serve.