Friday, October 16, 2009

A Spiked Apple Cider a Day...

Cocktail and Cold Remedy.

I've fallen prey to my first cold of the season...uck! Now my doctor told me to gargle with saltwater and take ibuprofen, but I've got my own remedy in mind. Normally I drink enough hot Earl Grey tea to put the British to shame, but since it's apple season I'm switching it up. My favorite Hot Spiked Apple Cider will soothe my throat and knock me out for a good night's sleep...and it's completely delish. Give it a try whether you are sick or not. It just makes you feel good.

Hot Spiked Cider

1 gallon apple cider
8 cinnamon sticks
½ teaspoon nutmeg
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon whole allspice
lemon peel (about 1/4 to 1/2 a lemon)
whiskey or dark rum

Put all ingredients into a large pot. Bring almost to a boil, then turn heat down to low and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain. Serve in a mug with one ounce of rum or whiskey


chelsea said...

because of this i have now asked my husband to take me apple picking so we can also pick up some apple cider at the orchard. you inspired the most perfect saturday activity!!

courtney said...

That sounds so good! I have orange peels, ground cloves and a cinnamon stick boiling on the stove (it's the best and easiest way to infuse the smell of fall around your home) and now all I want to do is curl up with a tall glass of warm cider and a magazine!

Hope you feel better soon!!