Friday, February 26, 2010

Wrap It Up

Kitchen Supply.

I have a great love of artisanal cheeses. Soft, semi-soft, stinky, doesn't really matter. However my husband does not share my love. So when I buy a beautiful piece of fancy cheese, I'm always afraid that it's going to go bad before I can eat it all. As much as I'd like to eat an entire block of cheese in 2 days, my calorie count says "no way."

I spotted these specially designed cheese wrappers from Murray's Cheese in Bon Appetit this month and I think I'll give them a try. They are supposed to allow the cheese to breathe but stay mold-free. If these papers work like they are supposed to, I will be so happy to make 2010 the year of guilt-free cheese exploration!

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Yellow House Knits said...

I love cheese, and like you I always end up with lots of odds and ends in the fridge. Alton Brown has a great recipe (really more of a technique) for a cheese dip that uses all of that cheese that's about to go bad. It's *really* good!