Friday, February 5, 2010


Must Have Kitchen Gadgets.

Oh geez. I have a firm/semi-firm rule about not buying specialized kitchen gadgets. The reality-based side of my brain says that they take up too much room to warrant their occasional use. But then I get a new Williams-Sonoma catalogue in the mail, and all of my reason goes right out the window. My newest obsessions are:

The Calzone Maker
I know this isn't that hard to do without a gadget, but look how nice and easy it looks here. I kind of have to have it.

Giant Donut Cake Pan
There are few things in this world that my husband likes more than a donut. If I made him a donut cake for his next birthday, he might pass out from excitement. Yes...I need this.

Ebelskiver Pan - aka filled pancake pan.
Also on the list of things that my husband loves is things filled with nutella. I can just picture how happy he would be to bit into a nutella-filled pancake. And I wouldn't be too upset to have one either.

Whoopie Pie Pan
It's the hottest trend in desserts for 2010. Is there even a question if I should get this? I think not.


Kim said...

I'll have to pick up the calzone maker, that looks easy! We have the ebelskiver pan and fill them with a mixture of brown sugar, butter and chopped pecans... YUM!


jackie fo said...

The Ebeklskiver is a must have. I got one for Christmas and they are so delicious!!

duchessbelle said...

I have the Ebelskiver pan and love it. The (pan)cakes are so deliciously yummy.

SLHP said...

I also have and love the ebelskiver pan. delicious and awesome and you need one!

Hip Hostess said...

Thanks for the tips, everyone! Looks like I'm buying the ebelskiver pan :)

nicole said...

Can you tell me how you get the icing to "land' that way on your donut cake? The way it hardens in a dripping type way?

Sorry about the non technical baking terms?