Friday, May 25, 2012

Perfect Little Pies


 Let's face it. Everything looks cute in a mini version. From baby/toddler clothing to cupcakes, if you see a small scale version of an original, you instantly like it a bit more.

 One of my favorite minis is mini pies. A big pie makes me feel guilty, a mini pie makes me feel like I'm eating a "diet" version :)

 There are lots of ways to make mini pies using cupcake pans or pre-made crusts/tins, but I kind of like this version from Sur la Table.

With this version, it has nice fluted edges and a cutout top to give a a more finished look.  And so you can take your little pie out without destroying it, the bottom lifts out for easy release.  Genius!!  

I see a cherry or blueberry mini pie in my very near future.

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